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Updated: January 26, 2015

The Monticello Camera Club

Monticello, MN


Photoshop Elements Tips

This page is devoted to listing Adobe Photoshop Elements tips that our members would like to learn about. It can include links to websites that show these tips. Want to learn how to do something in Adobe Photoshop Elements? Let us know and we will try to address it here. Email your questions to the email address below for the webmaster.

*** Newest questions start at the top ***

Q: Where can I find some good tutorials on Photoshop Elements?

A: MCPactions.com has a series of video tutorials on Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom.

Q: Where can I find downloads for camera raw? I'm using Photoshop Elements 9.

A: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4920. If you are using a different version of Photoshop Elements, just do a search on adobe.com for 'camera raw for photoshop elements #' where # would be your version of Photoshop Elements.

These questions are related to the Photoshop Elements Tutorial presented at our camera club meeting on 11/17/2010. Give them a try.

Q: How can I create Panoramas in Photoshop (demonstrated by Jean D)?

A: Here are links to the various Tutorials to help you learn how to do panoramas.

These links tell how to take good panoramic photos: http://www.photographyblog.com/articles/how_to_take_great_panorama_photos/ http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Photomerge-in-Photoshop-Elements--software-guide-4695

Q: What are layers and how are they used (demonstrated by Jean D)?

A: The following links should help you out in understanding layers and how to use them.

Q: What are masks and how can they be used (demonstrated by Jean D)?

A: The following links should help you understand the limited use of masks under Photoshop Elements which is not officially supported.

Q: What is Camera Raw and how is it used (demonstrated by Ken K)?

A: The following tutorial found on Adobe's website should help you in understanding the use of Camera Raw. It is a video so use the "click to see the movie" link shown on the page.


Q: How do you resize photos, either making them larger or smaller and in batch mode (demonstrated by Claire M)?

A: Still awaiting a copy of the handout that was provided but maybe these links can help you out in the meantime (provided by Jean D).

These questions are related to the Photoshop Elements Tutorial session presented at our camera club meeting on 7/21/2010. Give them a try.

Q: I am having trouble with gray skies that I would like to replace with a different "blue sky" pictures. So basically, I would like to learn how to replace skies.

A: Refer to the "Replacing A Dull Sky in Photoshop Elements" tutorial on About.com. Also see projectwoman.com and scroll down for the "Sky Replacement Using Blend Modes".

Q: Can you show how to put a frame or edge around photos?

A: See the following website: http://www.horatians.org/tutorials/frames.pdf. I found a number of textures that can be used for creating frames as well at www.mayang.com/textures.

Q: How can you combine fireworks photos to make one big fireworks display?

A: See http://www.videojug.com/webvideo/add-fireworks-to-your-photos-photoshop-week-25.

Q: How can I lighten a dark photo? (Note: this is just one way it can be done -- there are many others.)

A: See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ3euaLFTII & http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/lighten-dark-photos-photoshop/.

Q: I would like to know how to replicate the effect of the following photo. (Note: I refer to this as a Cartoon effect.)

A: See http://photoshopper27.blogspot.com/search?q=cartoon+effect+in+Photoshop.

Q: Can you create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images in Photoshop Elements?

A: No, Well, maybe... Photoshop Elements prior to version 8 is not capable of this function. Photomatix is still a nice cheaper option than upgrading software or moving to full blown Photoshop. See the Training page for more information related to HDR images. Corrected answer: Yes, in Photoshop Elements 8 you can. Here's the tutorial. http://www.photoshopsupport.com/elements/tutorials/hdr-high-dynamic-range/hdr-high-dynamic-range.html

Q: How do you add a text watermark over a photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements?

A: Check out this link on About.com. It gives step by step instructions on how to create a text watermark in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Examples are shown on the site. Another option for copy protection for your images on websites that you create, is a program called swfIR (swf image replacement) which converts your images to flash elements. Find out more by going to the links page and finding swfIR under Software. Note: This option is probably best left to the geeks out there who understand a little about javascript.

Q: How do you create actions for Adobe Photoshop Elements?

A: Actions cannot be created directly in Adobe Photoshop Elements. However, check out this link on About.com. It gives instructions on how you might be able to work around this limitation of Photoshop Elements, with the help of a friend with Photoshop.

Q: Are there some good sites for Adobe Photoshop Element Tutorials that are free?

A: I'm including in this one section any good sites that I find. The best place I have found for Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials is right on the Adobe website under the support area.

Here's the link to the tutorials for version 7 and 8 of Photoshop Elements.

http://www.photoshopelementsuser.com/learningcenter/ - this one is more specific to Version 7.0 of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Download the Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Editor help file (PDF format 28 MB - requires high speed internet) for Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 by right clicking the following link and select the "save as" option (or whichever save option your browser has). Be sure to note where the file is to be saved. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/PhotoshopElements/8.0/Win/Using/photoshopelements_8_help.pdf

http://www.photoshopsupport.com/elements/index.html - this one has video tutorials for versions 3-5 on their tutorial page: http://www.photoshopsupport.com/elements/tutorials.html. You can download the "Using Adobe Photoshop Element 7" Manual by right clicking on this link and saving the file (PDF Format 31 MB - requires high speed internet) to your local hard drive: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/PhotoshopElements/7.0_Win/photoshopelements_7.0_help.pdf.

The following site provides help and tutorials for various versions of Photoshop Elements: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/pselements/Photoshop_Elements_Tutorials_and_User_Resources.htm. About.com has many great tutorials on both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.


Here is a link to the Tutorials and User Resources page.

Here's a link to Adobe Photoshop Elements Video Tutorials. Click on the "Version 7, Version 6, or Version 5" link. If you search this website you can also find some help for versions 3 and 4 of Photoshop Elements.

Q: Where can I find some Photoshop Elements Actions that are free?

A: A good site that I found is Action Central - The Photoshop Action Exchange. Check it out. There are some photoshop element actions specified in there and some others may work. I'll check it out and show you more in November. Adobe has their Adobe Marketplace & Exchange. This one does require an Adobe login which you may have done if you registered your product. If you do a search on actions in Exchanges for Photoshop you will find all sorts of information and actions available. Some are free and some may cost you. You just have to look around. If you do a search for "photoshop elements actions" you can find some options that might work for you for use with Photoshop Elements. In fact, here is one that is suppose to add Hidden Power Elements to Photoshop Elements 4. Another site to find "How to Use Free Photoshop Content in Photoshop Elements" can be found going to this link (http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/pselements/qt/freegoodies.-T0Y.htm) or this one (http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/pselements/qt/oldlayerstyles.htm).

Q: How do you correct a photo for white balance problems?

A: Here's a good tutorial that walks you through the use of levels to correct white balance. It should work for either Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements although the instructions are for Photoshop. However you should find the levels adjustment under the Enhance menu in Photoshop Elements (depending on what version you are using it may vary). http://www.eyefetch.com/tutorial-white-balance-ps.aspx. Another good tutorial shows show to correct for an image that looks good on one side but needs adjustment on the other side. This tutorial only applies to both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements as well. http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/pselements/ss/adjustmentlayer.htm

Q: How can you create actions in Photoshop that can be used in Photoshop Elements?

A: On the website About.com, there are many free tutorials. One I found explains the requirements to make an action created in Photoshop available for use in Photoshop Elements. Here's where you can find the tutorial: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/pselements/qt/actions.htm.

Q: Where can I learn the basics of my photo editing software?

A: About.com has a page that has links to common tasks for a variety of software programs. This includes Fundamentals of Working with Graphics, Graphic File Formats, How-Tos for Common Graphics Tasks, Adobe Photoshop Basics, Adobe Illustrator Basics, Adobe Photoshop Elements Basics, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Basics, Corel Painter Basics, CorelDraw Basics, Corel PhotoPAINT Basics, and More Software Basics. http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/beginnerbasics/u/learnthebasics.htm#s6

Q: How do you sharpen an image in Photoshop Elements? Note: Beware of oversharpening your images!

A: This tutorial presents a method that can be in Photoshop Elements to sharpen your images. http://www.photoxels.com/tutorial_sharpen_display.html.



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