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Updated: October 14, 2020

The Monticello Camera Club

Monticello, MN


About Us

Our club formed around April of 2004. At the Annual Riverside Photo Contest in 2004 some of us there decided it would be great if we had a camera club we could belong to in order to share experiences, skills, and general information about the hobby and its related aspects, such as photo editing, scrapbooking, collages, various types of photography and other topics. With the help of Lynne Dahl-Fleming, Monticello Arts Council board member and owner of Design for Print, we were able to get the help of the Arts Council to form our club. Through them, we have were provided a meeting room and assistance as needed. We owe a lot to Lynne for our formation and its continued success. Founding members were Jeanne Marquette, Jean Davids and Lynne Dahl-Fleming.

Our club went through many changes in 2011. In January of 2011, we elected our first officers. Currently our club officers are: President, Heather Reinhart/Anthony Hall; Secretary, Jean Davids; Treasurer, Aaron Schluender; and board members are Director at Large (1) is Bob Somerville and Director at Large (2) is Sharon Johnson.

Dues are $12 annually, or as we like to say "a buck a month". These dues are used for procuring speakers for our meetings.

Club direction is guided by its members and officers. We are a non-profit corporation and our address is: Monticello Camera Club, 1711 Winnebago Street, Big Lake, MN 55309. Bylaws were written and we began collecting annual dues at our May 2011 meeting. Our Annual Meeting is held in May of each year and elections are held at that meeting. In April of 2011 we wrote and unanimously approved our club's bylaws. Included in them is the process we will need to go through to make changes to them. You can see the bylaws by clicking on this link to view a PDF copy of them.

Each year, prior to 2018, we promoted our club as part of the Monticello Photo Show. While our involvement in the photo show has ended, we will continue on as a vibrant camera club. The variety of experience and knowledge of our membership continues to grow as well. We started with 5 people in 2004. As of 1/10/2020 we have around 25 active members. About 10-20 of the members attend any given meeting. Come be a part of our growing club. You can sign up on the Contact Us page. Feel free to download and print our Monticello Camera Club brochure in PDF format. We accept and encourage members of all ages but require those who are under the age of 18 to get permission from an adult to join. See the Contact Us page for more information on dues and joining.

Our monthly meetings are low key and easy-going. We believe it's a time for sharing photographs and knowledge with others who will be encouraged and inspired to keep taking more photos themselves. All levels of photographers are welcome. If you own a camera and enjoy photography you are welcome to join us. It's a great way to learn from others and simply to share your work with others who also enjoy shooting photos. Both digital and film cameras are used in our group. On occasion we have club events which may include a photography shoot somewhere local or a visit to an interesting photo-related site or seminar.

Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and generally run until 8:30-9:00 p.m. See a map of our location, River City Extreme in Monticello, MN, on the Location page.




Matthew Breiter

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Breiter Photography

All images © photographers of the Monticello Camera Club.

The photographic works of the photographers posted here are copyrighted. Any reproduction of proofs or portraits by other than the individual photographer is prohibited by Federal Law.

If you experience problems with our website, please contact the webmaster.

Monticello Camera Club
1711 Winnebago Street
Big Lake MN 55309


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