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Updated: January 10, 2023

The Monticello Camera Club

Monticello, MN


Committee Members

Note: Only paid members of the Monticello Camera Club can participate in any club activities which includes events and committee work.

Any changes or additions to this list should be addressed with Jean Davids who will then notify committee chairpersons as needed.

Agenda Committee (restarted at June 2018 meeting)

  • Jean Davids - Chairperson
  • Other members: Anthony Hall, Kevin Juliot and Cindy Mendel

Events Committee

  • None at present
Finance Committee
  • Treasurer - Jean Davids
  • President - Heather Reinhart

Future Topic Ideas:

Adventure Photography

Architecture Photography

Archiving photos


Black and White Photography

Candid Photography

Canera Gear


Cool Photos & Photographers

Differences in camera styles and some pros/cons for going mirrorless

Event Photography

Family Photography

Future of Photography

Garden photography

Golden Hour Photography

Head Shot Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography

Indoor Photography

Landscape Photography

Macro Photography

Milky Way Photography

Minimalist Photography

Mobile Photography

Multiple Exposure

Night Photography

Pet Photography

Photographic Composition

Photographic Style

Photographing snowflakes

Photography as a Business

Photography for Beginners

Photography Post Production

Portrait Photography

Product Photography

Slow Speed / Long Exposure

Still-Life Photography

Stock photography

Street Photography

Studio lighting

Time-Lapse Photography

Understanding Light


Wedding photography

Wildlife Photography

Winter Photography Gear

Past Topics:

Action/Motion - Variety  of  photo  techniques   such  as  pan, zoom, action, etc. 

All About Light (qualities, how to use it, modify it, etc) - group discussion

Animal Photography


Art in Photography

Artistic pictures/composing/framing and also critiquing photos—how to do a “useful critique.”


Autumn foliage

Baby Photography

Back light and artificial light

Basic camera cleaning, how to's and a Q&A

Best Camera Accessories

Black and White Photography



Buying & Selling on eBay, Photographing for eBay

Camera gear - Group Q&A


Cold Weather Photography

Composition techniques

Creating a Blog

Critique of photos

Cutting mats, matting your photos, and making your own frames

Do's and Don't for Better Outdoor Photos

Dragonfly Photography

Drone Photography

Drone Rules and Regulation 

Exposure - ISO/shutter speeds/apertures

Exposure Compensation

Fall Colors

Fine Art Photo of any kind 

Flash – use of one external flash and discussion of variables like adjusting power levels, sync type, etc.


Food Photography

Forced Perspective/Trick Photography

Gadget Show and Tell

Gimbal Photography using the DJI Osmo

Halloween/Night images 

High Speed Photography

Holiday Lights

Holidays/Lensball/Refraction Photos


Legalities of Photography 

Lens Calibration

Lensball photography including refraction photography in general

Lenses - show and tell - describe best lenses and experiences with different types

Lifestyle Photography

Light painting, light effects, steel wool

Lighting - Single Source

Lighting Techniques

Lightroom and Photoshop Q&A

Low Light Photography 

Macro and Close up Photography

Manual mode and follow up to camera settings - bring your camera


Mobile Device Movie Making

Mobile Editing Apps (iPad)

Monitor Calibration



Mounting photos on various objects

Neutral Density Filters and others

Night Photography 

Non-Photoshop Editing Software

Panoramic Photography - Editing/Assembling

Phone photography

Photo Managing Software Review 

Photoshop (Noise Reduction, Copyrights, other)

Portrait Studio Experience, Portrait Lighting & Posing 

Product photography

Raindrop Images

Shooting on the Fly


Snowflakes/Frozen Soap Bubbles


Still Life/Table Top

Summer Celebrations

Summer Landscape


Travel Photography

Understanding Camera settings - bring your camera

Video - shooting

Video Editing - DSLR or mobile

Winter - Outdoor or Cold Weather photography

Winter critters

Workshops you have taken or like best





Matthew Breiter

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Breiter Photography

All images © photographers of the Monticello Camera Club.

The photographic works of the photographers posted here are copyrighted. Any reproduction of proofs or portraits by other than the individual photographer is prohibited by Federal Law.

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